Degen Arts is a platform for NFT Game Development, Real World/NFT Crossovers, pulling in artistic talent from the non-crypto world and experimenting with new forms of digital art.

The Degen Arts Beta, the preview for our Deathmatch and Challenge Game with NFT integration is live!

14 Complete Partnership Characters and more coming!!

Farm Rare Characters, and other NFTs using the DAC token! Check our Farming Page.

Link to Game Preview Video

NFT Token Series

We have 2 sets of NFT Collectibles and Character Cards that are farmable by staking DAC. We also have a Real World Coin/NFT Pair that is tied 1:1 with our Second Token, DACC

Chad Coin Collectable

For a short time, Chad bore Dual Chadstace. Gad must have allowed it, or possibly Gizzard was involved. Regardless, his hands where charred, Stacy was saved. A Coin was made to commemorate.


  • Total produced: 100
  • Disabling Mint (Destroying Mold)
  • The Collectible for the REAL Crypto Chads
  • 1 DACC token = 1 Gold Plated Chad Coin / 1 NFT Version

DACC Real Chad Coin/NFT Token Links

Uniswap Dextools

DAC Farming and Platform Token Links

Uniswap Dextools

Season 1 Farmable NFT Collection



Chadiverse Silver Collection - Farmable and For Sale

Here at DegenArts we love mining! We've mined on GPUs, ASICs, and had a few debates on getting FPGAs that never panned out. We also love the Chadiverse. So we mashed them together to make our first platform NFTs. Set Holders will soon be Airdropped 1 DACC token.


Buy Farm

DegenArts Game Character Unlock TIERS

Bronze Tier - 1 DAC Token


Virgin Silver NFT

Gizzard Silver NFT

Silver Tier - 25 DAC Tokens


Ape Silver NFT

Chad Silver NFT

Non-Shiny Card NFTs

Gold Tier - 100 DAC Tokens


Lad Silver NFTs

Legendary Tier - 300 DAC Tokens


Gad Silver NFT

Gizzard Silver NFT


Shiny Card NFTs (Not Pictured)

God Tier - 1000 DAC Tokens


There will only be a few God Characters, available to very few people. They will have absurd abilities



DAC Token

DAC is our platform token. It's stakeable on our Farming page for our Character NFTs and Season 1 Collection NFTs! We put Some Silver coins in there as well giving some people the opportunity to Farm the Collection and get the DACC AIRDROP.


DAC-ETH LP Farming

The Rarest and Nicest of the Characters and Cards are only in our DAC/ETH LP NFT Farm. Provide liquidity on Uniswap and Stake the token for the Best of our NFTs


DACC Token

Burning 1 DACC token is all it will take to get 1 Chad Coin and NFT.



Collabs and Content

•New Characters and NFTs

Nov 2021

Online Multiplayer Support

•Play as Your Favorite Crypto and Meme Characters Against Others Around the World!

Wen!? 2021

Enhanced Gameplay

•More in Depth Gameplay Options
•Play to Earn Competitions

Dec 2021

Mobile Support

•Port to Native Mobile - We're going to try and do this sooner if possible


Expand into Multi Retro Games Platform
Launch to Gaming Market Places

•Create Other Retro Games Utilizing our Extensive Character Collection
•Launch on Platforms like Steam, Nintendo Switch!
•In Game Character Creation and Customization

Full Token Details and Links

All of the links! Coin - DAC

DAC is our platform token, stakeable for our NFT collection.

DAC On Uniswap DAC Token Address

  • Supply: 69,000 DAC
  • Presale: 15,000 DAC
  • Uniswap: 40,000 DAC (Locked)
  • Team tokens: 14,000 DAC (13,900 Locked)
  • Circulating Supply: 55,100

DAC Dextools DAC Liquidity Lock DAC Team Token Lock

Degenarts Chad Coin - DACC

The DACC token is Claimable for a High Quality Gold Plated Collectable Coin and a front/back NFT of the coin.

DACC On Uniswap DACC Claim DACC Token Address

  • Supply: 100 DACC
  • Presale: None
  • Uniswap - 60% (Locked)
  • Silver Coin NFT Airdrop - 10% (Unlocked for Airdrop)
  • Dev Fund - 5%, Devs sold 2 DACC to ensure a shipping fund.
  • 10% - Team as collectables - BURNED
  • 15% - July Team Burn - BURNED
  • 3% - GigaChads Claiming Physical Coin and NFT - BURNED
  • Circulating Supply: 72

DACC Dextools DACC Liquidity Lock DACC Token Lock

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