Meme Cards

Community Driven Meme Cards with Platform Utility

Real World/NFT Crossover Collectibles

Gold Plated Chad Coin/NFT

More to come.

Customizable Multiplayer 2D/2.5D Battle Game with NFT Asset Support

Some of our Project Goals include..

Completely Customizable Characters, Weapons and Matches in a way you've never seen before.

Utilizing NFTs

Utilize general NFT art in Game

Throw a twearking Pepe Bomb? Crypto kitty bullets?

DegenArts NFT's will be used as access control for Premium match adjustments, Characters and Weapons.

There will be free, no NFT needed, weapons and characters + you will be able to make your own.

NFT general art will be usable and NFT's that have game assets attached will be usable.

Save and Share your Custom Match Parameters and Restrictions.

Promote NFT's through your custom characters/weapons only playable if holding certain NFTs

Access control to custom matches using NFT's

Play a Premade Match or Customize your own Battle!

Don't want to leak to much, but this is going to be Fun.